Facilitating Embodied Consciousness

February 5 - June 10, 2020



8 90-minute live video classes

4 Individual Coaching Sessions

2 3-day Residential Retreats 

Facilitator's Handbook

On-line Support

Peer Coaching & Practice

Small Class Size  (limit 8-12)

The Two Residential Retreats will be in Spokane, WA USA. Transportation from Spokane International Airport to our retreat location can be arranged. Accommodation Information to follow. Please contact me if you are interested

Join a Small Group of Practitioners Integrating Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Breathwork, Bodywork, Subtle Energy, Development and Awareness Modalities and Interventions

Module One

February 5

Being Spacious Presence


Emptying the Mind

Opening the Heart and Will

Unconditional Positive Regard 

Loving and Tenderness

Curiosity and Inquiry

Asking Open Questions 

Resonance and Connection


Module Two

February 19

The Body, Breath and Energy  

Western View

Body Bands and Psychological Correlations

Character Armoring/Types

Emotional/Energetic Holding 

Reichian Breath-work, Relaxation, Talk, Touch, and Movement for Release

Energy Boundaries

Module Three

March 4

The Body Breath and Energy Eastern View

Kundalini and Pranayama

Energy Centers and Correlations with Psychological Content

Identifying and Releasing Energy Knots

Healing and Spiritual Awakening through the Body

Module Four

March 18

Psychological Principles and Intervention

Presence, Consistency, Trust 

Building Healthy Attachment

Sensing Subtle Energy 

Working with  Resistance

Modeling and Providing Boundaries

Minimizing Anxiety

Validation, Affirming of Being

Mirroring/Reflecting Cleanly

Retreat One

April 2 - 5

Thursday 4pm - Sunday 12pm

Deep Energetic Holding & Presence 

Reading the Body and the Breath

Sensing Subtle Energy Boundaries

Using Basic Psychological Principles

Interventions with Body, Breath

and Subtle Energy

Working with Resistance

Personal work and Demonstration

Module Five

April 15

Family of Origin: Healing 

Unconscious Wounding

Using Body tension to Identify Unconscious Patterns

Focusing and Breathing as Intervention

Sensing/Identifying Regression

Identifying and Expressing Unprocessed Feelings and Memories

Supporting Healthy Mature Expression

Encouraging Self-Compassion

Providing Updated Mirroring

Module Six

April 29

Developmental Theory

States & Stages

Discussion of Achiever through Construct Aware

Interventions for Achiever through Construct Aware

Retreat Two

May 14 - 17

Thursday 4pm - Sunday 12pm

Integrating Concrete, Subtle & Causal Material

Practice and Deepening Previous Learning

Working with the Unconscious

& Family of Origin Material

Exploring and Distinguishing States & Stages

Personal Boundaries/Client Boundaries

When to Refer

Demonstrations/Personal Work

Module Seven

May 27

Integration and Case Consultation

Collectively Metabolizing the Retreat

Examples and Questions about Real Work with Your Clients

Module Eight

June 10


Final Questions for Open Discussion

Integration of all Class Material



If you are interested in joining this program, please contact me.  You will receive details about how to register after we have established a mutual fit.   Once you have been accepted you may pay in full by check and we can work out a payment plan if that will be helpful.


More information to follow

Retreat Format


The Retreats will begin Thursdays at 4pm and end on Sundays at Noon.


We will be sharing a house together. There will be options for single or double rooms on or off of the property.

Sacred service will include meal planning and preparation. We will cook for one another and share clean up.

Spokane, Washington U.S.A.