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Small Group Practice for Late-Stage Practitioners

Enjoy benefits of learning with others.

Sense together into the collective field.

Pose questions about your experience.

Share reflections and resources.

Receive practices to refine awareness.


Together, we will sense into deep silence and open to the aliveness of boundless Awareness which moves us each uniquely and in synchronous relationship with all. From here we know what is ours and our lives move with ease.

Small Group Support for Refining Awareness

If you are at a late structure stage of development (Construct Aware or later) I can support you on your path to awakening. I have coached more than 100 late stage practitioners from many countries and professions. Though my individual coaching practice is full, I offer small groups and occasional larger classes that provide awareness practices for your physical body, subtle body and for stabilizing Awareness as it is recognized through late structure stages. Most people find me via someone they know. If you are a late stage practitioner feel free to contact me, or join my email list for updates. I offer several groups and classes each year. If you happen to be at an earlier conventional or post-conventional stage of development and awareness I recommend contacting Stages International for information on the stages framework and to find a coach who can support your growth into these later stages.

Foundational Practices

Those who work with me generally have completed some preliminary (and even extensive) counseling or psychotherapy and many have experience with meditation and yoga. If you initiate work with me whether individually or in a class or group, you acknowledge in good faith that you are of sound mental health.  If you have not yet completed that foundational work, or you are experiencing some mental or emotional instability I may refer you to other resources.


When You Work With Me You Will Develop

  • Increased awareness of patterns of thinking and muscular holding in the body. Skill in releasing that holding to allow grounded stability while allowing energy, emotion and passion to flow freely.

  • Simple breathing and awareness techniquesthat you can use anytime for free for the rest of your life to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and to energize and inform you.

  • Skill in identifying and establishing responsive subtle boundaries to reduce entanglement in the drama of the conditioned mind and in unhealthy ways of relating.

  • A felt sense of embodiment in which you experience aliveness, tingling, vibration throughout your entire body. Healing the split between mind and body, head and heart, and other areas that are in need of vitality.

  • Connecting and aligning mind, body, emotion and spirit that open up a clear path of integrity, strength and courage in which you begin to experience the inside and outside as "not two". ​ 

  • Practice in changing your state at will, stopping your thoughts, and becoming aware of the vastness of Awareness itself.

  • Practice in expanding your awareness outward to receive information from a much larger experience of reality​ in order to make better decisions and respond more compassionately. 

  • Practice in releasing your self to boundless Awareness while fully expressing your particular individual gifts of presence. Find and follow your passion that meets the evolving world's needs.

  • ​Clarity about your unique gifts and the potential for offering them to the world of conventional reality while transmitting and translating expanded awareness to the world at large. 

Process and Potential Benefits

Ongoing Process & Methods

My work is informed by training in bodywork, psychotherapy, and spiritual practices of various traditions.  Ultimately my intention is to help you release the limitations of your thinking mind and disperse the awareness of your awareness throughout your entire body (and beyond). I use techniques such as focusing inward on physical and subtle knots and contractions, feeling them, giving them expression and releasing them using breath, words, emotion, movement and energetic release.  Along the way I teach a lot about subtle energy boundaries, edges, qualities and their relationship to thought, emotion, physical ailments and life issues.

What Benefits and Results Might I Expect?

As you clear away the obsolete patterns of holding, thinking and feeling, you will become more alive and aware, first of your own interior feelings, longings and boundaries, and then of your constructed patterns of beliefs and behavior, and ultimately of spacious ever-present awareness and an embodied sensitivity through which truth and clarity allow ease, flow and grace.  This clear light of awareness enables an alignment with what is good, true and beautiful and so improves all areas of one's life.

No Longer Taking New Individual Clients. Stay Tuned for Future Courses and Groups!

I'm no longer taking new individual clients. If you are someone I have seen individually in the past please feel free to contact me for availability. My current fee for individual sessions is $180/session. The tuition for group sessions is more affordable for most people. Groups and classes are open to anyone who meets the foundational practices criteria and who is Construct Aware or later. Please contact me for more information or stay tuned for future offerings.

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